Nightfall destiny 2 no matchmaking

nightfall destiny 2 no matchmaking

How do Tier 1 nightfall modifiers work?

With a Tier 1 Nightfall, you are basically running the modifier card with 0 power increase, and maybe even the equivalent of having Heavyweight and a random singe on. ....Anyways, this is just an example of how the Devs could make this work.

Why is Bungie still against matchmaking?

Bungie has been against matchmaking for almost 5 years. Makes no sense other than to reinforce the idea that the Nightfall is top tier endgame content. Same goes for raids. Not only is Bungie still against raid mathcmaking, they have gone out of their way to design raids that would hinder matchmade teams.

Is a Tier 3 nightfall good enough for a 100K?

With a Tier 3 Nightfall, you have the right mix of modifiers/difficulty necessary to be able to run a 100K. With a Tier 2 Nightfall, you have the right mix of modifiers/difficulty, that if youre fast/efficient enough, you could score a 100K as well.

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