Apex ranked matchmaking slow

apex ranked matchmaking slow

How hard is matchmaking in Apex Legends?

New players 1. lvl play vs. low lvl players. But only few first games. When you reach some higher rank you play vs. all. But there is another problem: premade teams vs. non premade. Its very hard as random. Apex Legends uses Engagement optimized matchmaking.

How long does it take you to matchmaking?

Matchmaking takes over 20 minutes every time no matter what I do. My system is well above minimum requirements, my internet connection is top tier and gives me pings of less than 10-20 in most games I play such as cs, d2, etc.,

What is the strategy behind the 5 matches in a row?

The tactic is similar to what slot machines do. Basically it gives you a winning match - this will put your anticipation high. But the game knows that if you get 5 good matches in a row, it will be easy for you to leave the game early, satisfied.

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