Pisces woman dating an aquarius man

pisces woman dating an aquarius man

Are Aquarius men attracted to Pisces women?

A Pisces woman generally does not initiate contact with a man, and an Aquarius man rarely initiates contact with anyone. Also, the sweet feminine demeanor of a Pisces woman and her tendency to be flighty about practical matters can mask her intelligence. Many men find this softer femininity attractive, but it does not impress an Aquarius man.

Are pisces and Aquarius compatible?

The horoscope gives the Pisces-Aquarius bond a ‘relatively good love compatibility.’ This bond will be based more on friendship than on love. The Pisces woman is attracted to the security and courtesy of the Aquarius man.

What is a Pisces woman like in a relationship?

A Pisces woman is a devoted and tender mother, but she can have difficulty with consistency and setting limits. An Aquarius man will provide intellectual stimulation and is able to set limits, but sometimes he can be a bit cold. Together they will be able to strike the right balance.

What is an Aquarius man like in a relationship?

An Aquarius man is basically a jolly person who usually appears to be preoccupied all of the time and sometimes even distracted. But he is actually one of the great thinkers in time. Pondering the greatest truths of the world is what fills his mind. As flighty as he may seem, once he chooses his lover, he is loyal and faithful till the end.

How to know if an Aquarius man is in love?

When in relationship with an Aquarius man, you need to pay more attention to his actions than words. His actions and behavior will tell you a lot about what he feels for you. Even if they are truly in love with a girl or want to call off a relationship, they hardly ever say it.

What is the hardest thing about being in a relationship with Aquarius?

The inability of Aquarius men to effectively communicate makes it difficult for many women to understand them and is probably the hardest thing about being in a relationship with an Aquarius guy. Convince your Aquarius man that youre his soulmate.

Why are Aquarius men so distant and irrational?

He’s an air sign, and air signs prefer navigating the world cerebrally rather than through their feelings and emotions. This is part of the reason why Aquarius men are so distant, erratic and independent. Being aloof to others protects them from the emotional vulnerability that they avoid feeling on a daily basis.

Do Aquarius men settle for one woman?

However, when they settle for a woman, Aquarius men are extremely loyal. All their adventures with girls stop once they find the right person. If he has truly fallen for you, trust that he is a one woman man.

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