Rumor dating kpop idol 2019

rumor dating kpop idol 2019

Can dating scandals ruin a K-Pop Idols career?

Unlike other music industries where dating scandals dont amount to backlash from fans most of the time, in the K-pop industry, it could make or break an idols career.

Why do companies fear K-pop idols’ relationships?

Companies fear that K-Pop idols may lose track of their goals and could potentially slack off if they get into a relationship. Idols have to sell a certain image of being available and dedicated to their fans. In the K-pop industry, the importance of fans and fan service is a lot higher compared to other music industries.

How important is an idols reputation for their career?

An idols reputation is extremely important for their career. Unlike other music industries where dating scandals dont amount to backlash from fans most of the time, in the K-pop industry, it could make or break an idols career.

Are Daisy and Ikon Yunhyeong dating?

On February 14, 2019, a Korean media outlet reported that former MOMOLAND member Daisy and iKON Yunhyeong have been dating since 2018. MLD Entertainment, then agency of Daisy, and YG Entertainment immediately released their respective statements regarding the rumor.

Do K-pop idols ever have scandals?

They do have scandals as well like Lee min ho and suzy dating etc but not to an extent that they have to end their career. for kpop idols if they get caught in a dating scandal it not only messes up their own image but their group members as well. Thus cuz of one persons scandal the whole group may disband.

Whats wrong with dating in the KPop world?

K-pop idols dating in general causes a lot of problems and often the person there in a relationship with will get attacked by crazy fans. Fans want to think they can date their idol, so they get turned off when they find out their idol is in a relationship.

Why don’t Kpop idols date?

Kpop idols are restricted by a lot of things. Dating is one of them. If idols date it is breaking one of the rules for a kpop Idol. The companies say that if the idols date, it will cause controversies. Another reason is that idols are busy with entertaining their fans and if the idol started dating, they won’t have time for one or the other.

Will dating ruin an idol’s career?

True, it’s still a media field day whenever new dating news surfaces, and a few fans may act out (particularly if it’s a younger male idol), but it’s rare that it has a measurable impact on an idol’s career anymore.

Is Ikon Yunhyeong dating Daisy from Momoland?

On February 14 of this year, Sports Seoul reported that Yunhyeong from iKON was having a relationship with MOMOLAND member Daisy. They said that they have received this information from a source in the music industry.

Are song Yunhyeong and Daisy dating?

“Song Yunhyeong and Daisy are dating,” Sports Seoul reported on Feb. 14. “They met as a senior and junior in the industry, became friends and started dating about three to four months ago. They enjoy going on dates whenever they have free time, just like other couples.”

Who is song Yunhyeong from iKON?

It’s Song Yunhyeong, one of the eldest members of IKON. Check out more about Yunhyeong in the sections below! Yunhyeong really likes lip balm from Nivea, he became the brand ambassador of Nivea because of that. Yunhyeong’s motto is everything begins with etiquette. Yunhyeong has saved Junhoe’s life one time when he almost drowns.

Is YG dating GD?

Kpop fans said that when GD is dating with someone, YG and GD never affirm nor deny it, YG simply says it is his private life, while Gd does not say anything about it. Some Kpop fans conclude that Gd maybe did not affirm nor deny it because maybe for him did not mean serious relationships yet which will lead him to marriage.

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