How to tell if youre dating a gold digger

how to tell if youre dating a gold digger

How do you know if a girl is dating a gold digger?

She has gold digger friends One sign that you may be dating a gold digger is if all her friends’ date and marry rich guys. Just like the saying, “Birds of the same feather flock together,” gold diggers are more likely to hang out with fellow gold diggers.

What is a gold digger in a relationship?

Simply put, a gold digger is someone that gets into a relationship with another person primarily for money. They are in the relationship for money more than for love or emotional attraction. Unlike before, gold diggers can be of any gender, whether a male gold digger or a female gold digger.

What are some red flags when dating a gold digger?

However, if someone questions you about how much you earn and what you have in the bank on the first or second date, it might be a red flag that you are out with a gold digger. Having the ability to pay for things is a nice benefit of being wealthy.

What are the signs of a gold digger?

A sure sign of a gold digger is if they have a string of exes who are progressively wealthier than the previous one. Gold diggers gain access to exclusive clubs and parties with a rich partner, which allows them to hunt for an even richer partner.

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