Apple bans dating apps

apple bans dating apps

Is Apple complying with the new rules for dating apps?

“Apple now complies with the rules,” the regulator added. “That is why ACM no longer needs to impose a new order subject to periodic penalty payments. Over the past few months, ACM had collected information from dating-app providers and independent experts before its assessment that Apple complied with the order.”

Why did Apple ban unjected app?

Apple banned Unjected, a dating and community app aimed at unvaccinated individuals. It was deleted from Apple’s App Store in a move that the app’s creators have described as censorship. According to Bloomberg News, Apple deleted the app after being approached by a reporter.

Can you pay for dating apps with different payment methods?

“Until recently, customers of dating apps had only been able to pay using the payment method that Apple imposed. In ACM’s opinion, Apple abused its dominant position with those practices,” the ACM wrote in the update. “From now on, dating-app providers are able to let their customers pay in different ways.”

Will Apple allow different payment methods in Dutch dating apps?

June 11 (Reuters) - The Netherlands antitrust watchdog on Saturday said Apple Inc (AAPL.O) will allow different payment methods in Dutch dating applications, ending a dispute that resulted in the company being fined 50 million euros ($52.58 million).

Can dating apps use Apple’s own payment system?

It has also reiterated that dating apps must be able to use other payment systems and Apple’s own in App Store payment system-rather than be forced by Apple to use either one or the other.

Why is Apple fined again in the Netherlands over dating apps?

Apple has been fined again in the Netherlands over an antitrust order related to dating apps. The order requires it to allow local dating apps to be able to use third-party payment technologies if their developers wish, rather than being locked to only being able to use Apple’s in-app payment API for iOS.

Can Apple allow Dutch dating apps to use alternative payments?

Apple proceeded to allow Dutch dating apps to use special entitlements that allow for alternative payments, but required developers to submit a separate app binary to do so. In response, the ACM said that Apple had failed to satisfy the conditions of its order.

Are Apple’s ‘solutions’ creating too many barriers for dating apps?

Apple’s so-called ‘solutions’ continue to create too many barriers for dating-app providers that wish to use their own payment systems. “We have established that Apple is a company with a dominant position. That comes with extra responsibilities vis-à-vis its buyers and, more broadly, society at large.

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