Dating parker vacumatic pens

dating parker vacumatic pens

How do you date a Parker 51 pen?

Dating of Parker 51 pens is easy, down to the quarter it was made; at least for the barrel. Parker used a date system of one digit, surrounded by a series of dots to signify the quarter the pen was made in. The year was started with three dots and as the year progressed, a dot was ground-off the die, as follows;

When did the Parker 51 Vacumatic filler come out?

Parker 51 Vacumatic Filler First Year 1940-1941 The Parker 51 commonly referred to as a First Year pen is really a pen from late 1940 through 1941.

How to identify Parker Vacumatic clips?

They actually resemble the Parker Vacumatic clips in use at the time. The blue diamond is larger than the later clips, and the enamel used is of a lighter blue color. In addition, the clips are plated over a brass base and are die struck, resulting in a negative image on the back. Another identification aid can be the filler unit.

What is Parker Pens Penography?

The ultimate guide in the Parker Pen jungle and an invaluable asset for fountain pen collectors. Parker Pens Penography: DATE CODES -DATING A PEN x PARKERCOLLECTOR.COM

Where is the date on a Parker 51 pen?

All pens of this period are double jewels, meaning that they have a decorative jewel at the top of the cap and at the end of the barrel. The imprint on the majority of these pens is at the end of the barrel, near the decorative jewel, all in one line. Parker 51 Made in USA .1. They may or may not have a 1 datecode after the imprint.

How can I tell what year my Parker Pen was made?

Secondly an imprint can be found on the top of the barrel, just under the cap clutch ring: PARKER 51 6MADE IN U.S.A. The small digit denotes the year of making for the barrel. This digit was deleted on the US made pens in 1953 but continued until 1959 on European (and Canadian?) pens, the same for the date on the nib.

When did Parker start using date codes on pencils?

In mid 1934 Parker began marking most pens and pencils with a date code, both the barrel and the nibs were marked, but lacking a date code doesnt necessarily mean that the pen was made pre-1935, since many imprints have been worn off with use.

How do you date a Parker Vacumatic?

Parker has made it very easy to date some of their pens. From the 1932/1933 introduction of the Vacumatic until the 1950s, and again beginning in 1980, Parker has imprinted date codes on its pens. The date code is part of the barrel imprint.

What is Parker Penography?

The ultimate guide in the Parker Pen jungle and an invaluable asset for fountain pen collectors. Parker Penography: PARKER 51 x PARKERCOLLECTOR.COM

Why choose Parker Pens?

Parker pens are exquisitely crafted fine writing instruments with a rich history of innovation and belief in the importance of the written word. Our experts have dedicated themselves to the art of fine writing, using 130 years of history to develop new Parker pens that reflect modern culture while remaining true to our heritage.

What kind of pens are in the Parker Jotter?

The iconic Jotter is back with a range of vibrant colours, bringing a retro touch to your everyday fine writing moments. Match your writing type with a Parker fountain pen, Parker 5th™, ballpoint pen or rollerball pen. Explore over 130 years of Parker brand history, expert craftsmanship and the future of Parker fine pens.

Where are Parker Pens made?

In 2011 the Parker factory at Newhaven, East Sussex, England, was closed, and its production transferred to Nantes, France. George Safford Parker, the founder, had previously been a sales agent for the John Holland Gold Pen Company.

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