Good dating questions for guys

good dating questions for guys

How many questions should you ask a guy on a date?

You can also throw these questions out at anytime in person, on a date or while texting a guy. Or you can use them to start an impromptu fun and flirty game of 20 questions . Whether you’re on a first date or have just met a new man, amping up the flirtiness factor of a conversation doesn’t have to be hard.

What are some good questions to ask a guy you like?

They’re also good to have on hand so that you’ll never run out of things to ask him. In addition to also being very telling and may even reveal all sorts of interesting tidbits about him that you never expected. What is your stance on a woman making the first move? What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

What to ask a guy on a date about his family?

Here are a few questions to ask a guy on a date about his family: 1 What was your family like growing up? 2 Does your family live here or somewhere else? 3 Who in your family are you closest to? 4 What is a tradition your family had when you were a kid? 5 Do you have any siblings? 6 Are you more like your dad or mom?

How to get to know a guy you just met?

Fun and flirty personal questions are a great way to get to know a guy you just met. Use the following questions to keep the conversation playful and innocent, yet still intriguing. Try slipping these into your next conversation to see if there is a spark. And perhaps even take things to the next level!

What questions should I ask a guy on a date?

Here are some sample questions to ask a guy on a date to see how far into the future he’s thinking: 1 What’s your biggest goal right now? 2 Where do you see yourself in five years? 3 What’s a New Year’s resolution you made this year? 4 What’s on your bucket list? More ...

How many questions should you ask a guy in a conversation?

Here is a list of 40 questions to ask a guy and we’ve thrown in some possible follow-up questions to help you get more out of your conversations. What has been your proudest moment of your life?

How do you ask a guy what his favorite thing to do?

A great question for starting a great conversation. Whatever those two things are, he can probably talk hours about them. And if he can’t think of things he’s passionate about, well, you can always transition the question into “What are some of your favorite things to do?”.

Is it worth it to ask a guy a question?

Sometimes you’ll be surprised at which questions a guy will find interesting. So even if a question seems like something he wouldn’t be interested in, it might be worth a shot. Before we start, remember to ask lots of follow up questions to find out more and to keep the conversation going.

How to get to know a guy?

Start simple. These conversation starters are perfect for when you just met someone. Even if you dont know a single thing about the other person, these easygoing questions to ask to get to know a guy can spark a more in-depth discussion. Here are 20 conversation starters to get to know a guy: 1. Do you think that fish ever get thirsty?

How do I find a guy to date after we met?

If you met in a particular restaurant, park, or coffee shop, or public transportation, there is a chance the person youre looking for visits there regularly. Make this location a part of your usual schedule, and you might have a chance of running into him or her again. Try to visit the location around the same time you first met.

How many questions to ask a guy you just met?

Write as many as you can think of and then choose the best ones when you are done. After all, you do not want to try to memorize 50 questions to ask a guyyou just met! Also, you do not want to bombard him with questions so that he’s so overwhelmed he doesn’t know which one to reply to first.

What are the best questions to ask a guy in a relationship?

For example, one of the best questions you may ask is “What do you want in a person?” Another kind of question can be one that is more philosophical and it can give you an insight into what the guy believes. When the guy talks, show interest.

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