Dean bachelorette dating

dean bachelorette dating

Are Dean Unglert&Lesley Murphy dating after ‘the Bachelor’?

The Bachelorette ‘s Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy, who appeared on Sean Lowe ‘s season of The Bachelor, are dating, Us Weekly can confirm. 10 Times ‘The Bachelor’ Made Our Heads Explode!

What happened to Dean and Caelynn from the bachelorette?

The two created quite a stir when Dean, 28, left Mexico, regretted it, and returned back during Week 5 to publicly beg for 24-year-old Caelynn’s forgiveness. Not long after the mea culpa, the pair created waves by fleeing the show — together — to pursue a relationship.

Do Dean and Kristina still have feelings for each other?

He picked Danielle on the show but during the reunion, Dean revealed he still had feelings for Kristina. Waking up this morning, knowing Kristina wasn’t here, and knowing that there’s no way I can be in touch with her, it just kills me, he said at the time.

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