Did rebel wilson dating adam devine

did rebel wilson dating adam devine

Are Adam DeVine and Rebel Wilson back together in Isnt It Romantic?

Few actors could capture hearts the way longtime friends Adam Devine and Rebel Wilson captured Americas when their characters first sloppily made out in Pitch Perfect 2. Now that theyre romantic leads in the anti-rom-com rom-com Isnt It Romantic, where they just may reprise that epic chemistry.

Who has Rebel Wilson dated?

Rebel Wilson ‘s dating history is short and mysterious, but it’s clear the Pitch Perfect actress doesn’t settle. Amid her new relationship with boyfriend Jacob Busch, we decided to look back at her exes. In 2015, the Australian actress dated actor-producer Mickey Gooch Jr ., with whom she worked on How To Be Single.

What did will Devine say about working with Rebel Wilson?

Devine told Hollywood Life that he was stoked to be back onscreen with Wilson for the film. Me and Rebel love working with each other, and we have a great time on set,” he said.

Are Liam Hemsworth and Adam DeVine in Isnt It Romantic?

Adam Devine, Liam Hemsworth Join Rebel Wilson in Isnt It Romantic (Exclusive). The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved July 11, 2017. ^ Pedersen, Erik (2019-07-13). Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Set As Adult Toon Series From Mark Canton & Others; Workaholics Duo Leads Cast. Deadline. Retrieved 2020-01-26. ^ Adam Devine on Instagram.

How did Adam DeVine and Rebel Wilson meet?

As it turns out, Adam Devine and Rebel Wilson met back in 2011 when Devine landed Wilson a guest role on his show Workaholics. The meeting clearly bonded them for life. Speaking to Refinery29 at the junket for Isnt It Romantic, Wilson could only say the nicest things about her longtime pal.

Whats going on with Wilson and Devines relationship?

The strange chemistry, Wilson once told People magazine that she and Devine have paid off because they now star in Isnt It Romantic together, and Devine plays one of Wilsons leading man options. Devine told Hollywood Life that he was stoked to be back onscreen with Wilson for the film.

Are Devine and Wilson the next Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling?

While Devine and Wilson are not ‘typical’ romantic leads, their friend-next-door vibe is something a lot more relatable for the general public than the generic ‘Hollywood hot’ leads. Perhaps they are the next-gen Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Wilson joked about their infamous kiss scene in Pitch Perfect 2 : We were going for an MTV Award Best Kiss.

What is the movie Isnt It Romantic about?

And now, Isnt It Romantic is putting its own spin on the beloved genre. The film centers on Natalie (Rebel Wilson), a pessimist about love, who finds herself living out her worst nightmare: shes trapped in her very own romantic comedy.

Does Liam Hemsworth play the saxophone?

I wont spoil too much, but Liam Hemsworth plays a saxophone, and I literally cried tear-streaks into my foundation. I cant exactly explain WHY, but for some reason, it is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life.

What do Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Liam Hemsworth have in common?

Their marriages are two of the most talked about in Hollywood, but theres something else Isnt It Romantic co-stars, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Liam Hemsworth have in common -- finding love with former Disney stars!

Is Isnt It Romantic a romantic comedy?

Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine, and Priyanka Chopra reveal which romantic comedies represent them and how Isnt It Romantic basks in the glory of the genres clichés. A young woman disenchanted with love mysteriously finds herself trapped inside a romantic comedy. None of the feels.

Is Rebel Wilson married to Adam DeVine?

Due to how often Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine have acted as love interests, Rebel has joked that they are essentially the Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling now... we just play love interests in all movies. Additionally, Adam has stated that Rebel is his work wife.

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