Age gaps in dating reddit

age gaps in dating reddit

Is age gap between you and your partner a big issue?

Its possibly one of the biggest issues we face currently in our relationship but because its not a really day to day issue, we dont address it much. im with a girl whos 3 years older, and while thats not a big gap, thats more noteworthy in our 20s than it would be in our 40s.

Would an 18 year old date a 3 year old?

Well, an 18 year old dating a 3 year old would be...somewhat intense.. Its not the age gap thats the issue, its the age of the younger partner. A 24 y/o dating a 16 y/o is perfectly legal. However, it is usually considered very creepy and not quite right.

What is it like to date someone older than you?

Someone older than you, you have to let them lead, whereas with someone younger you will find yourself taking charge. Wife and I being the same age, life throws something at us we just go with the flow. Very little experiences are different between us so our opinions are not much different.

What is it like to date a 28 year old woman?

Dating a 28 year old when I was 20 was awesome because she was, by far, the most emotionally mature person Id been with. Sex was also pretty good because she knew what she wanted and knew what I might like that I hadnt thought of. We also had a lot of fun because she was full of ideas and dates we could do that I would have never considered.

Do big age gaps in relationships work?

Do Big Age Gap Relationships Work? Like many relationship issues, the answer is, “it depends.” One thing that matters in relationships with age gaps is how much of a gap there is. For example, 5 year age gap relationships are quite different than 20 year age gap relationships.

Is age difference in relationships a problem?

A relationship age gap is just one factor that can influence the success of your relationship. It won’t necessarily be the factor that makes or breaks your relationship since other factors can also play a role. In relationships with large age differences, you might encounter a couple of additional roadblocks.

Is 7 years too big of an age gap for marriage?

But age is not the only factor that plays into whether two people are a good match. So, whether seven years is too big of an age gap depends. Sometimes it absolutely is too big a gap, yet that often has more to do with how mature you are and where you are in life.

What is the difference between 5 year and 20 year age gap?

For example, 5 year age gap relationships are quite different from 20 year age gap relationships. Five year age gap relationships say, “We just missed each other at UCLA” whereas 20 year age gap relationships say, “Were you in class with my mother?”

Is 28 still a good age to date?

Even Patty Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker, has told young women on her show Okay, youre 27, youve got three good years left. At 28, youre still in the acceptable zone of single, but in societys eyes time is of the essence.

Can a 40 year old woman date a 27 year old?

While the rule says that a 40-year-old woman could date a 27-year-old, most 40-year-old women don’t feel comfortable doing that, according to researchers. Women tend to stay much lower than the rule states is acceptable.

Is it okay to date a woman 25 years younger?

This is felt even more acutely in relationships where a large age difference exists. The greater the age gap, the more the man and the woman will wonder if age difference is okay or if it’s actually going to be the ruin of the relationship. I have seen men successfully date women 25 years younger than themselves.

What is the average age for a woman to date?

Women tend to stay much lower than the rule states is acceptable. If a woman’s maximum age range is 40, she is more likely to date someone who is around 37.

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