Reviews uniform dating

reviews uniform dating

Does uniform dating have an app?

Uniform Dating uses a very familiar template that’s found on a large range of online dating sites. Although the site is meant to have an app for both Android and IOS handsets, I could not find it on the Google Play or App Store. So that left starting my profile through the website.

How do I view potential matches on Uniform Dating?

To return to the home page at any time, simply click on the Uniform Dating logo that you find on the top left-hand side of the screen. As I mentioned earlier, the homepage will show you potential matchups and you can start looking through them immediately if you’d like to.

How many people use uniform dating in the US?

Uniform Dating boasts over 2 million users, across the planet, with around a quarter of a million based in the US. An estimated 10,000 users are active each day, and men outnumber women by about 33%. While the site is open to anyone over the age of 18, the biggest take-up is from people aged between their mid-30s and their mid-40s.

How do I Delete my account on Uniform Dating?

Click on the pull-down menu next to your profile on the right-hand side of the menu system. Now click on Settings. Scroll down until you see the Remove Account option at the bottom of the screen. How many messages do you get a day on Uniform Dating? As a free user, you get 5 messages and that’s it. If you sign up for membership, that’s unlimited.

Is there an online dating site for people in uniform?

View our terms and conditions. Welcome to My Uniform Dating, an online dating site here to connect you with professional singles. Meet women and men in uniform here. Make meaningful connections with singles that understand your work lifestyle. Our community is filled with singles that wear police, ambulance, office and military uniforms.

Is uniform dating out of date?

Theres no doubt that a lot of investment was made in uniform dating back in its heyday and that immediately puts it ahead of thousands of other dating sites that are out of date and in need of modernization. Uniform Dating has an app and a sleek interface, with good content and a range of innovative functionality.

Will uniformdating work for me?

Ultimately, UniformDating is a site that will work for you if you a) find singles in uniform to be hot or heroic b) you believe you could be suited to a relationship with a uniform wearer because you share commonalities (for example, maybe you also work in such an environment or have a great understand of people that do).

Why is there a dating site for police officers?

Ironically, the site was originally set-up by a group of police officers that felt your chances of love in the police force would be improved if you set up dates with people in the same profession, as they can better understand your unusual lifestyle.

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