Jikook are you guys dating

jikook are you guys dating

Are Jimin and Jungkook in a relationship?

There has been speculation that the two members are Jimin and Jungkook. Though some netizens are arguing on the topic, “Jikook” is the most believable and most likely relationship out of the seven members.

What is the relationship between jikook and BTS?

Jikook are bandmates, BTS members and friends who work closely together because they are the leading vocalist duo in BTS.

Who is Jungkook’s best friend?

Jimin and Jungkook are the closest pair of friends, even in BTS, where all the members are close friends. They see themselves as an item: “You are me, and I am you.”

Is it worth it to ship jikook?

Ship Jikook if you enjoy it but only up to a certain point. You might see them as couple but only as fantasy, since in reality, Jikook certainly isnt a romantic couple. Jikook is a delulu, made-up fantasy created by Jikooker Army.

What is the relationship between BTS Jimin and Jungkook?

This is an invention and a pious request of the shipers. Jimin and Jungkook are the executive duo of BTS and have the same appointments. We saw them dancing together and voices singing together in the background. . They have training sessions and sing rehearsals together. The pandemic started and BTS suddenly started working on new music.

Are Army Jimin and Jungkook friends?

Jimin has previously stated that Jungkook is a significant figure in his life. Jimin, on the other hand, was described by Jungkook as a diligent and encouraging individual. Jimin is also one of the easiest members to converse with, according to him. So, Jimin and Jungkook are true friendship ideals, and we get why ARMY can’t get enough of them.

Does Jimin play with Jungkooks hair?

While in one of the pictures, Jimin played with Jungkooks hair, in the second photo, the duo sang together. READ | What made BTS ARMY furious? A look at the incidents where BTS members were subject to hate

Is Jungkook in a relationship with mochi?

Now Jungkook is very comfortable with Mochi and they are very happy together. They act like a couple because Jimin has been confessing his love for the maknae since debut and Jungkook has always played hard to get with the members but he has accepted the love from Jimin and they have the gretest bond Ive seen besides Vmin.

Which ship is more popular among K-Armys jikook or taekook?

Which ship (Jikook or Taekook) is more popular among K-ARMYs? Taekook ofc. Jikook is popular mainly among international armys that goes without saying. Why is “Taekook” the most popular BTS “ship”?

What is the difference between jikook and taekook?

Im not really sure myself because I dont exactly watch jikook analysis but from what I can say, jikook has much more interaction live while taekook is the type whos more subtle with meanings. Not really sure. And Im taekook biased so my answer might differ to other people.

Does BTS Jungkook know jikookers know?

I believe Jungkook knows Jikookers knows and he keeps doing it. Which ship is the best in Bts Vmin or Vkook? None. You dont need to ship to be a BTS fan.

Is jikook and taekook a fanservice?

That’s just an act (an act where it’s cute and lovely) but not an act of a secret relationship. To all those TaeKook shippers that says that JiKook is a fanservice then TaeKook is also a fanservice because we don’t necessarily know if these ships are true or not.

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