Dating levi 501 jeans

dating levi 501 jeans

How can you tell if a pair of Levi 501 jeans are vintage?

While the 501 model continues in production, jean collectors look for vintage 501 pairs, identifiable through careful examination of pant details. Examine the jean fabric. New Levi 501 jeans use heavier denim, while other models, including the 200 series, use thinner denim.

Are Levi’s 501s worth it?

All that being said, the 501 jeans that we purchased are a great pair of jeans. They are a classic style that epitomizes blue jeans, and it’s easy to see how Levi’s is so popular all over the world. Are Levi’s 501s Worth It? On average, yes. We think that they’re worth it.

How much do Levi’s Jeans cost?

Levi’s seems to base much of their pricing based on location. For example, the pair of 501 jeans that we’re looking at today can be found for $59.50 if you’re in North America, or £75 if you’re in the United Kingdom. Even with a fluctuating exchange rate, that’s still quite the difference in price.

What does the number on Levi’s Jeans mean?

The number on Levi’s jeans has to do with the style, fit, and cut of the denim. According to the history of Levi’s, 501 was first used to designate the specific style and cut of the jeans; however, there is no explanation as to why Levi Strauss himself chose the number 501 for the iconic jeans.

How can you tell if a Levi’s 501 is vintage?

Another good indicator (i.e. if the RED TAB isn’t present anymore) of a post-1970’s 501 is the absence of the waist button “V” stitch. A common thing to look for in vintage Levi’s is the small single needle “V”-stitch running along the edge of the button fly.

How can you tell if a pair of Levi’s Jeans is vintage?

The top button stamp on this particular pair says ‘4’. Generally, if there’s only one digit (except with ‘R’) the jeans are pre-mid-1970s, which was around the time Levi’s switch to three digit factory codes. On newer Levi’s Vintage Clothing jeans, it’s common to find four digits.

What to look for when buying vintage 501 jeans?

Vintage “redline” selvedge denim made by Cone Mills in the 1960s. The first thing you should look for when inspecting vintage 501 jeans is whether it’s a selvedge denim. If so, the jeans are likely to be produced before the mid-1980s. Learn all there is to know about selvedge denim here!

When did Levi’s 501 jeans come out?

This article provides an overall guide to the eight details you should be looking out for when putting a production date to vintage Levi’s 501 jeans, exemplified with this rare pair produced between 1967-1968. Vintage “redline” selvedge denim made by Cone Mills in the 1960s.

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